Configure Zones

A zone is just a portion of a domain. The information about the zone is stored in the Domain Name Servers of the domain, which is authoritative for the zone. A single Name Server can be authoritative about many zones. For example, a domain may contain all of the data for, and But the zone contains information only for and references to the authoritative name servers for the subdomains.

The authoritative means that the server can provide any piece of information asked by the client about that domain. For example, consider you have two domains called and on a machines called and

If a client asks whether there is a machine called, then can authoritatively say, yes or no because it is the authoritative name server for that domain. However, if the same question is asked by the then asks whether such a machine exists or not. This is because is the authoritative name server for the domain

When you install the DNS server, it creates, following two zones: